Humeris dot Net

"If we can see farther it is because we are standing on the Shoulders of Giants"

Si possimus plura eis et remotiora videre, quia gigantium humeris insidentis
with a nod to Bernard of Chartres

This is a project site to get the ball rolling on several programs I have been developing.

My intent with the Humeris project is to make available software programs to help people make better use of their time when using computers. Expect to find tools to help developers and the more computer-savvy.

SERVICEWARE is my version of free-for-non-commercial use software, see the license in the help file or license.txt. 

If you are contributing your time, I'm happy to contribute mine;
     If you expect to be paid for your time, I expect to be paid for mine.

Of course I am also very happy to have contributions to the project if you find it helpful!

Input Monitor and 

Decimal-Hex-Binary-ASCII   Translation

My first release for the Humeris project is: 

InputHook-- a developer's software for use in learning, developing and testing projects involving keyboard and mouse input on the Windows platform.  It also happens to be a very handy translator from Decimal-Hex-Binary-ASCII and it makes ASCII character lookup and cross-reference quite easy, as well as giving you translating to the Key-Code- Constants / Values and the VB constant names!

On the surface this is a very simple program, but behind the scenes it does quite a lot of system communication to recognize and identify input as the Windows System rather than making assumptions...  Used as a translator you can also enter Characters, or Decimal, Hex, Binary and ASCII values and see the translation into all of the other values.   There is also a convenient cross-reference grid so you can find a character or value.  And finally, with the 'Hooking' feature enabled it blocks normal input but displays both press and release information.  

It is most powerful in watching Keyboard/Mouse/HID input, both mechanical and software- emulated - from any Windows based system - NO MATTER THE LANGUAGE - well Okay I don't know how it handles non-roman characters so someone will have to let me know.  If you're still with me, you should try it and I'll bet you will keep it handy on your system for regular use.